First Things First

  • Register as a user
  • Go over the posting guidelines
  • Get help as needed when you run into trouble

Register as a user

In order to contribute anything on this webspace (add a wiki page, edit something, comment, post an article, contribute a review, etc.), you have to first register yourself as a user (this step is necessary to protect the webspace from spam-bots, from ads for drugs, mobile ringtones, viagra ... you get the picture).

You will find a link "Register" on the right hand menu panel under "Utilities". Please click on that link and follow directions. Unless you want a computer-generated password, type in your own password. Note that the password does not have to be as secure as for your email, your bank accounts, etc. If your account is compromised, nothing catastrophic will happen — presumably, you will still have copies of your review notes, proposals, etc.

NOTE: After you register, one of the administrators will have to assign you to the proper permission group (depending on which course you are in). There should not be a delay of more than 24 hours, and most likely will be taken care of within 12 hours. But what this means is that, till such time you are assigned to the proper permission group, you will not be able to view or submit any course output material on this site.

Go through posting guidelines

For students of Carleton University registered for the OWOG and OSDM courses, we have developed a set of guidelines to help with posting material on this site. Go over these before you begin you start contributing material to the site.

Get help as needed

You might have questions as you start posting material on this site. Go over Help Editing Wiki Pages to get help with formatting wiki pages. Some of these formatting tips are also applicable while posting articles using the article feature. If you have a question that is not answered here, get in touch with or

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