Revisiting Critical Courses @ Carleton : A Symposium

A Symposium held in Ottawa, Canada, during June 20-22 2007, around the work done by participants in two courses at Carleton University, Ottawa, in the Fall Semester 2006 : Other Worlds, Other Globalisations, and Open Space and Dissent in Movement

Organised at IDRC (International Development Research Centre) 250 Albert Street, Ottawa and the evening Public Lectures at the Loeb Building, Carleton University, Ottawa Organised by Charmain Levy (Université du Québec en Outaouais), Laura Macdonald (Carleton University), and Jai Sen (CACIM - India Institute for Critical Action : Centre in Movement)

Symposium Programme

Day 1 : Wednesday, June 20


Morning (9:00-12:30)

Welcome & Introductions

  • Claire Thompson (Research Officer, Canadian Partnerships, Program and Partnership Branch, IDRC - International Development Research Centre)
  • Jai Sen, CACIM, New Delhi, India, and Charmain Levy, Professor, Department of Social Work and Social Sciences, Université du Québec en Outaouais, Gatineau, Québec, Canada

(Coffee break)

Reflections on an Experimental Pedagogy (Emilie Hayes, Mat Nelson, and Jai Sen)


Lunch (12:30-1:30)

Afternoon (1:30-5:00)


Workshop 1 on Drawing Theory From Research and Practice

Presentations by Special Guests and Course Participants :

  • Feminist research and networking (Denyse Côté)
  • Another Knowledge Is Possible (Lee Cormie)
  • Migration to Another World is Possible (Brian Murphy)
  • Dilemmas in social movement research (Chris Hurl)



Evening (7:30-9:30), at Loeb Building, Carleton University :

Public Lecture 1 : Yasmeen Arif : Towards Alternate Globalities : Mapping Dialogic Spaces amongst and between the ‘South’ Research scholar, New Delhi, India; Sawyer Seminar Fellow, Hubert Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs and Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change, University of Minnesota, USA

Day 2 : Thursday, June 21

Explorations : Other Worlds, Other Globalisations

Morning (9:00-12:30)

Session 1 : Immigration policies, politics, and strategies

K Althea Brown – “The precariousness of “civility and “incivility” in immigration policy as observed through the lens of governmentality”

Mathew Nelson – “Taking Political Agency : No Border/No One is Illegal Politics in Canada”

(Coffee break)

Valentina Jovanovski – “Creating an Other World : Restrictive Domestic Refugee and Asylum Policies”

Lunch (12:30-1:30)


Session 2 : Human exploitation (1:30-2:30)

Ajay Parasram – “The Tectonics of Other Worlds : Making Space for Earth’s Most Exploited Citizens”

Session 3 : Religion, ethics, and social change (2:30-3:45)

Andrew Crosby – “The principles and values of Taiaiake Alfred’s Peace, Power, and Righteousness as a global model : Bolivia and other worlds”


Invocations, continued

Workshop 2 on Drawing Theory From Research and Practice (4:00-5:30)

Presentation by Course Participant :

  • Drawing Theory from Research and Practice : My personal reflections (Emilie Hayes)

Discussion continues from Session 1 (Day 1)


Evening (7:30-9:30), at Loeb Building, Carleton University :

Public Lecture 2 : John Brown Childs - The Disagreements of Diversity and the Diversity of Disagreements : Constructive Disputing in Transcommunal Settings Professor, Sociology Department, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA; author of Transcommunality, From the Politics of Conversion to the Ethics of Respect (Philadelphia : Temple University Press, 2003)

Day 3 : Friday, June 22

Explorations, continued : Open Space and Dissent in Movement

Morning (9:00-12:00)

Session 1 : Dissent within social movement

K Althea Brown – “Dissent within dissent: an argument in favour of consensus decision-making models in social movements”

(Coffee break)

Emilie Hayes – “Open Space and Dissent in the Canadian Women’s Movement”

Lunch (12:00-1:00)


Session 2 : Dissent and Networks (1:00-4:00)

James Dooley – “Hip Hop world – Where the local meets the global”

Sam Cartmell – “Myanmar Future Generations : Hip-hop globalization and localization in the Burmese diaspora”

Chris Hurl – “Arguing with networks : anti-globalisation, non-governmental organisations and global civil society”

(Tea break)

Closing session : (4:30-5:30)

Drawing Lessons Chaired and moderated by Laura Macdonald, Professor and Director, Department of Political Science, Carleton University, Ottawa


Evening (7:30-9:30), at Loeb Building, Carleton University :

Public Lecture 3 : Lungisile Ntsebeza - The politics of land reform in South Africa Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa

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