Other Worlds, Other Globalisations

(PECO 5501F, PSCI 5501F, SOCI 5504F)

Suggested Readings : Part 2 - Defining / Delineating Other Globalisations

S6, October 17 : First / Midterm Review workshop

Review by course participants of the course and of presentations by Presentation by course participants of reviews of the first month / part of the course; discussion

Presentation by course participants of OUTLINE PROPOSALS FOR THEIR RESEARCH PAPERS – individuals and groups

First submission by course participants of bibliographies and/or other information on resource material

Discussion of collective landscape of OWOG
Listing of further topics for research / review / discussion during the course. Possibility of a longer session; possibility of some invited guest resource people coming in / guest presentation/s. To be finalised through discussion

[No specific readings]

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