Other Worlds, Other Globalisations

(PECO 5501F, PSCI 5501F, SOCI 5504F)

Expected course output

This course will aim at 3-4 types of output by course participants :

1. Review notes of readings, watchings, listenings, and/or web participation – every week, just 1-2 pages long : You should see the review notes you prepare as reviews for publication (and wherever appropriate and possible, we will attempt to actually do this – please do come in with suggestions for possible locations). Your notes should therefore aim to summarise whatever you have read / watched / taken part in; to critique / critically engage with it; and to raise questions and issues for further exploration, both by the authors and by readers. (The notes should give full reference and access details of the article or webspace being reviewed.)

2 A note critically reviewing the first month/ part of the course, for presentation at the first / mid-term Review Workshop at Session 6 in this course, ie October 17. 1-3 pages long, individually prepared; this can be in point form, if you prefer. If you like, you can also prepare this in a form suitable for publication.

3. A research paper, to be written individually or as a group, on a subject of your choice and within the broad framework of the course : Outline proposals for the paper, including your methodology, should in by Session 6, October 17 (3-5 pages in length), and with the final paper (10-25 pages long) to be ready and submitted by Friday, December 1. (Please note that I leave Carleton / Ottawa on December 5, so getting your paper in after December 2 will be too late.)

Plus, an optional extra :

4. A substantial (and publishable) review essay on a book, film, play, poem, or webspace, or any other performance to do with the subject of the course, to be written individually : This essay, which should be about 7-10 pages in length, should not just summarise what you have chosen to look at but critically review it in terms of the interests of the course. You should submit an outline of this essay by Session 5 in this course, ie October 10, and aim for final submission by Session 10, November 7.

Output format

All papers must be typed (10-12 point), double spaced, and have standard margins. They are due in on the dates specified. The course process is going to be tight; so late notes, outline proposals, and papers will lose half a percent per day late.

Retain copies of work submitted : It is crucial that you retain hard copies of all assignments submitted in the course. Also remember to do a computer / disk backup.


  • Participation 30%
  • Review notes (1 and 2 above) 20%
  • Research paper 50%

All grades will be assigned on a plus/minus scale.
Final grades are subject to the Dean’s approval.

Consultation I encourage you to see me with any questions or concerns, either by email or personally during my office hours or by prior appointment.

Additional information

Course participants with disabilities requiring academic accommodation should contact the Paul Menton Centre for Persons with Disabilities to obtain a Letter of Accommodation before October 11.

Now comes a difficult point : Plagiarism. Please do avoid this, at all costs ! Please also be aware of the University’s own policies here : The University has a policy on instructional offences (such as plagiarism). For details, consult the 2006/2007 Graduate Calendar, pp 69-70.

NOTE: Please keep your mobile phones switched off while in the seminar sessions !

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