Other Worlds, Other Globalisations

(PECO 5501F, PSCI 5501F, SOCI 5504F)

Part 3 : 'Other Worlds, Other Globalisations' - Course participant presentations

  • S9, November 7 : ‘First Peoples, First Perspectives’, continued; then Course Participant presentations on Human Exploitation

[Course participant presentations – 10-15 minutes + 30 mins discussion each]

  • S10, November 14 : Course Participant presentations on Music; Religion; and Indigenous Peoples

[ Presentations of 10-15 min + 15-20 min discussion each]
[[ ] indicates subject only - title not yet finalised.]

  • S11, November 21 : Course Participant presentations on Migration, Refuge, and Asylum

[Subject and presenter/s finalised at Midterm Review Workshop. Presentations of 12-15 min + 15 min discussion, each.]
[[ ] indicates subject only - title not yet finalised.]

  • S12, November 28 : Second and Final Review Workshop

Agenda :

1. Completion and submission of University Teaching Evaluation Questionnaire; submission of Critical Courses Self-Assessment?

2. Review Workshop

  • What do we now understand about the subject of Other Worlds, Other Globalisations ?
  • What, more specifically, have we learned in this regard from each other ? (Conducted as conversations between Course Participants)
  • How should we follow up the Other Worlds, Other Globalisations course ? Planning for publications, for collaborations, for networking, for further meetings…


(Repeat : Please note that I leave Carleton / Ottawa on December 5, so getting your paper in after December 2 will be too late.)

December 1, 6 pm Critical Courses Party ! together with OSDM / SOCI 5805 Challenging Empires : Open Space and Dissent in Movement participants and invited guests

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