Other Worlds, Other Globalisation

(PECO 5501F, PSCI 5501F, SOCI 5504F)

Course Outline

Part 1 : Globalisation and Its Contents

  • Session 1, September 12 : What is Globalisation ? And what is this course all about ?
  1. Introduction to course and to the idea of other worlds and other globalisations; critical engagement with the concept of globalisation and the practice and theory of movements for alter-globalisation / ‘globalisation from below’.
  2. A historical context to globalisation. A look at the current phase, of growing national and regional protectionism as a reaction to the impacts of ‘globalisation’.
  3. Introduction to the concept of open space and the pedagogy of critical engagement.
  4. Planning for the course; discussion on policies for the course.
  5. First discussion of possible places for publication of material produced in course.
  6. First suggestions for resource people we could invite in, time allowing.
  7. Planning for mid-term and final review workshops. Possibility of longer sessions; possibility of some invited guest resource people coming in / guest presentation/s. To be finalised through discussion

S2, September 19 : What are civil societies ?

  1. Exploration of the dynamics / dialectics of civility and incivility, and of a global civil society.
  2. Further discussion on globalisation and alter-globalisation.

S3, September 26 : Religion, colonisation, and globalisation.

  1. First explorations in the struggles of indigenous communities

S4, October 3 : Imagined communities : Migration, memories, and globalisation

  2. Planning ahead to Midterm Review Workshop on October 17
  3. Listing and prioritisation of further topics for research / review / discussion during the course, including offers to lead sessions (S9 - S11)
  4. Guest Speaker : Brian Given, Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, and Undergraduate Coordinator in Anthropology, Carleton University, Ottawa; Ottawa coordinator of volunteers for H.H. the Dalai Lama's 2004 visit to Ottawa and formerly President of the Ottawa branch of the Canada Tibet Committee; and now writing a book about the Tibetan-Canadian? community, on 'The Tibetan Diaspora in Canada'

S5, October 10 : Other currencies : Human and money trafficking and globalisation

  1. DRAFT REVIEW ESSAYS DUE (all individual)

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