What are blogs?

An abbreviation for Weblog, the term "blog" refers to a collection of related posts, which are sorted (by default) in reverse chronological order (the most recent posts are shown first).

Some blogs have a single author, who uses the blog to keep what amounts to an online diary: a day-to-day record of the individual's varied thoughts, reflections, and pertinent Web links. Other blogs contain posts from two or more authors; typically, these blogs focus on a more or less well-defined topic, such as sci-fi movie reviews. In schools and colleges, blogs are increasingly used to facilitate student journals.

Blogs on Critical-Courses?.Cacim.net

On this webspace blogs can be used by the course participants for similar purposes — but with a theme/focus related to the courses on open spaces, other worlds, other globalisations, movements, dissent, horizontal politics and other related topics.

You can either create your own blog, or you can use some of the "common" blogs that might have been made available for recording impressions/thoughts from a variety of individuals.

You need to register as an user to be able to create your own blog! However, you can post on blogs (where such permissions have been made available by the blog creator) without being a registered user.

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