Creating, editing, and formatting wiki pages

On the right hand side, there is a box that you can use to quick-edit a wiki page. If you want to create a new page, simply type in the name for the page and click on the "edit" button. If a page by that name already exists, then, that page will be opened for editing (assuming you have the permissions to edit that page). If no such page exists, then a new page will be created by that name. This is the simplest way of creating a new wiki page.

You can also edit an existing wiki page by double-clicking anywhere on the page or by clicking on the "edit" tab on top of the page. Note that if you do not have permissions to edit a page, the edit tab will be missing.

Basic Text Formatting Rules

Once you have opened a page for editing, at the top of the page OR in the side panel, there is a "Quicklinks" bar OR a "Quicklinks" link. If you click on the "+" sign next to the Quicklinks link, you will find that there are several icons for facilitating editing. If you move your cursor over the icons, the function of that icon is displayed. You can use these quick links to underline text, to italicise, bold, box, center, headline text. Just replace "text" with the text you want there.

If you need further help, there is a "Wiki Help" tab at the top/bottom of the page. Just click on that, and a window opens up on the same page which displays commands for text formatting. You can also visit Wiki Syntax Help (external link) to get this help.

A simple way to practice formatting is to use the SandBox? page to practice your formatting/editing skills. Please edit this page all you want. This page is present just for enabling you to practice wiki formatting.

Some more tips

  • Do not hit the enter key in the editing window. Continue typing and the text automatically wraps around — this also leads to better formatted output.
  • If you want to start a new paragraph, just leave an empty line as you would in an email.
  • If you leave empty spaces at the beginning of the line, the output is formatted differently in mono-spaced font. So, unless you want that effect, do not leave empty spaces at the beginning of a line.

Saving a page

  • Before saving a page, do a preview of the page by clicking on the 'preview' button — this way, you can correct any errors before saving.
  • When saving a page after you are done editing, click on the 'Minor' check box if the edits are very minor (for example, correction of spelling errors, punctuation, formatting, minor grammatical fixes ... or whatever else you think is just a minor change). If you do that, then, it reduces the number of versions of a page that are saved.

Linking to other pages

The big thing about the web is the ability to link between pages. So, to link from page A to page B in HTML, you need to know the address of page B, as well as know the HTML syntax. This process is somewhat simplified in a Wiki. The address of a page in a wiki is simply the name of the page.

The Wiki quick help tab while editing a wiki page provides you with help to wiki linking. You can also visit Wiki Linking Doc (external link) to get help. But, very briefly, there are 3 different ways of linking to a different page.

  • Whenever JointCapitalizedWords like this are present in a wiki page, that word will automatically be linked to a wiki page named JointCapitalizedWords?. If such a page does not exist, a question-mark appears by the word which can be clicked to create that page.
  • Use double-parantheses around a page name, and a link is automatically created. For example, typing ( (Page Name) ) in a wiki page will create a link to a wiki page called "Page Name". ( (Page Name|description) ) creates a link to a wiki page "Page Name" but the hyperlink will display "description" instead of the page name.
  • Instead of double parantheses, use square brackets to create a link to an external page (i.e. either a non-wiki page on this site, or else, to some webpage on some other site).

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