Challenging Empires : Open Space and Dissent in Movement

Suggested readings : Part 2 : Exploring Other Openings

S8, October 26 : Plurality and Power in Movement

Guest Speakers : Janet Conway, Ryerson University, & Lee Cormie, University of Toronto

Janet M Conway, 2004 – ‘Remaking Coalition Politics’, Chapter 6 in her Identity, Place, Knowledge, Social Movements Contesting Globalization. Halifax, Nova Scotia : Fernwood

Janet Conway, December 2004 – ‘Citizenship in a Time of Empire : The World Social Forum as a New Public Space’, in Citizenship Studies, vol 8 no 4, pp 367-381

Forum pour un Autre Mali, Forum Mondial des Alternatives (France), Forum du Tiers Monde (Sénégal), ENDA (Sénégal) and ors, February 2006 - ‘The Bamako Appeal’, January 18 2006. Text as circulated by Samir Amin, President of the World Forum for Alternatives. Available @ (external link) , (external link) , (external link)

Ashis Nandy, February 2006 – ‘Visions that do not reproduce another nightmare’, in Journal of Futures Studies vol 10 no 3, pp 89-92; @ (external link)

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Chico Whitaker, March 2006 – ‘Towards Kenya in 2007’. Translated by P Lenny. (external link) and (external link)

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