Challenging Empires : Open Space and Dissent in Movement

Suggested readings : Part 1 - Open Space, Civility, and Discontent

S5, October 5 : Open space in civil organisations, political parties, and networks of resistance

Note : Most of the following are suggested titles that contain interesting (and important) debates about debate, or reflections on debate (and ‘open space’), within parties and movements, between and by partisans. I suggest them basically to get you thinking and looking for more such material, both historically and contemporarily :

Ronald R Aminzade, Jack A Goldstone, Doug Mc Adam, Elizabeth J Perry, William H Sewell Jr, Sidney Tarrow, and Charles Tilly, 2001 – Silence and Voice in the Study of Contentious Politics. Cambridge, UK : Cambridge University Press

Antagonism Press, nd - Bordiga versus Pannekoek : Party, Class and Communism. London : Antagonism Press; also @ (external link)

Murray Bookchin, 1999 - Anarchism, Marxism and the Future of the Left, Essays & Interviews, 1993-1998. New York : AK Press

Fernando Claudin, 1975 - The Communist Movement : From Comintern to Cominform. F Macdonagh and B Pearce, Translators. Harmondsworth, UK : Penguin

Harry Cleaver, 2000 - Reading Capital Politically. New York : AK Press. Also @ (external link)

Raymond Cohen, 1991 – Negotiating Across Cultures. Published by the United States Institute of Peace Press, 1550 M Street NW, Washington DC 20005, USA

Communist International Comintern, nd – First Congress of Peoples of the East, Baku, September 1-8, 1920, Session 1, @ (external link) /

Harry Haywood, 1978 - Black Bolshevik : Autobiography of an Afro-American? Communist. Lake View Press, June 1978

C L R James, 1937 (republished 1993) - World Revolution 1917-1936 : The Rise and Fall of the Communist International. International Furnell and Sons. Available on (external link)

Leon Trotsky, 1970 - The Struggle Against Fascism in Germany. New York : Pathfinder Press (external link), nd – ‘The Communist International Comintern (1919-1930) History - Organizational History’, @ (external link)

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