Challenging Empires : Open Space and Dissent in Movement

Suggested readings : Part 1 - Open Space, Civility, and Discontent

Session 1, September 7 : Open space and Dissent : The idea of this course

- Introduction to course and to the idea of open space; critical engagement with the concept. - Introduction to the concept and pedagogy of critical engagement. - First discussion of possible places for publication of material produced in course. - Discussion on policies for the course. - First discussion of possible places for publication of material produced in course. - First suggestions for resource people we could invite in, time allowing - Planning for mid-term and final review workshops. Possibility of longer sessions; possibility of some invited guest resource people coming in / guest presentation/s. To be finalised through discussion

Open Space

Jeff Juris and Rodrigo Nunes, June 2005 – ‘Encounters in / Explorations of Open Space, I and II - A Report and Some Reflections’. Report on EIOS1 and EIOS2, workshops and meetings held at Integría and the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil, on January 21-24 and January 27-28 2005. Available @ (external link)

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Open space and critical engagement

Vanessa Andreotti, nd – ‘Soft versus critical global citizenship education’. 5 pp

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