Challenging Empires : Open Space and Dissent in Movement

Part 2 : Exploring Other Openings

  • S6, October 12 : First / Midterm Review workshop
  1. Review by course participants of the course and of presentations by Presentation by course participants of reviews of the first part of the course; discussion
  2. Presentation by course participants of OUTLINE PROPOSALS FOR THEIR RESEARCH PAPERS OR PRESENTATIONS – individuals and groups
  3. First submission by course participants of bibliographies and/or other information on resource material
  4. Finalisation of further topics for research / review / discussion during the course, including offers to lead sessions.
  5. Possibility of some invited guest resource people coming in / guest presentation/s. To be finalised through discussion.
  • S7, October 19 : No seminar. Replaced by self-defined activity, individually or in groups, building on Review Workshop Outcomes / finalisation of Review Papers / work on Research Papers
  • S8, October 26 : Guest Speakers : Janet Conway, Ryerson University, & Lee Cormie, University of Toronto
  • S9, November 2 : Empire [Session based on the suggestion and offer at the Mid-term Review Workshop by one of the CPs, Chris Hurl, that we do a special session on ‘Empire’.]
    Chris Hurl – ‘On Empire

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