Posting Guidelines for OWOG and OSDM course participants at Carleton University

Presumably, you have already registered on the site now, and you are ready to post material here. On this page, you will find some guidelines we have developed to help you in this process.

Posting Guidelines for Review Notes

For both courses, you can post your review notes either as a Word doc / PDF file, or by creating a wiki page on this site.

With a PDF file (or a Word doc), the document, once uploaded, cannot be modified — at best, it can be deleted. The content is final! Additionally, if you are familiar and comfortable with these existing software / tools, you can continue to work on those formats, and all you need to do is upload those documents on this webspace. Details for using this option are given later on.

With a wiki page, you can directly edit the content on the webspace. Additionally, you can continually edit the content over time (if appropriate), allow others to collaborate with you on the content (suitable if more than one person is editing this). If you are familiar with how Wikipedia (external link) works, you might be familiar with this. If you choose to use this option, please retain a copy of the review separately with you. Details for using this option are given later on.

Review Notes as wiki pages


Review Notes as PDF / Word Documents


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